General Body of IACS

The members and fellows of the Association who are elected would comprise the general body. The general body would conduct its business through General Meetings. Normally, there would be one Annual General Meeting. Special General Meetings might be held if deemed necessary. The details about "General Body" may be obtained from the "Regulations" of the Association.

Important Information for General Body Members


1. Code of Conduct for the General Body Members.

2. Code of Conduct for the Life Members of the Association

3. Criteria for Life Membership of the General Body of IACS

4. Life Membership Form along with Eligibility Criteria for Life Membership of the General Body of IACS

           Management Committee Notice 11.09.2023

Management Committee Notice 08092023

Agenda Note for the AGM of IACS on 16.9.2023

Notice No. 3.032/1032 dated 29.08.2023 on re-constitution of the Management Committee of IACS

Notice for Online AGM, 2023

Notice for Online AGM, 2022

Agenda for Annual General Meeting to be held on November 01/02, 2022


Notice of the Annual General Meeting-22


Notice and Instructions in regard to the Online Adjourned Annual General Meeting of IACS to be held on 22nd August 2020 at 2.30 PM


Notice of the Annual General Meeting


As per the decision of the Governing Council since all communications regarding General Body and Annual General Meetings will be done in online mode only, all General Body Members are requested to communicate their email addresses along with Membership No. to the Registrar by email to