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       Annual Meeting of SBS on 19th January, 2024(NEW)

Annual Meeting of SBS on 24th February, 2023

School of Biological Sciences (SBS) at IACS has been founded in May 2018 by reorganization of the erstwhile department of Biological Chemistry as part of the Academic Reform at IACS.
Current research activities at SBS span over a wide-range of biological sciences including cell biology, molecular mechanism of basic cellular processes such as dedifferentiation, neuritogenesis, migration, and cell division; coagulation biology /monocytes to macrophage differentiation and cancer signalling, designing and development of task specific functional amphiphiles, gels, vesicles, carbon nanomaterials doped soft nanocomposites, metal nanoparticle doped self-assemblies and other self-assemblies, biocatalysis to biomedicinal applications that includes intracellular cargo (drug/DNA/protein) delivery,
biosensing, antimicrobial tissue engineering scaffolds, development of aggregated organic nanoparticle and functionalized carbon dots for biosensing, bio-imaging and drug delivery, developmental biology, to explore the role of tissue rheology in the embryonic development of the zebrafish, role of lipid droplets in the development of zebrafish embryos, development of nucleic acid sensing strategies using bioactive films of Xeno Nucleic Acids (XNAs),and understanding nanoscale biological electron transport, in order to assess the utility of metalloproteins as molecular bioelectronic components, exploring single molecule level structural biology using scanning probe microscopic approach to probe the architecture of protein or protein-nucleic acid supramolecular assemblies, understanding the molecular mechanism of DNA damage response pathways both in the nucleus and mitochondria, to uncover stress induced novel post-translational modification of proteins and evaluate their role in genome maintenance, explore the cellular stress response network with anti-cancer agents in preclinical development; self-assembling peptide based functional soft materials for delivering anticancer drugs and biologically important molecules, development of new antibacterial agents based on non-cytotoxic, proteolytically stable peptide gels that are active against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and construction of peptide stabilized various metal (gold/silver/copper) nanoclusters with different atomic sizes for cancer cell imaging.
Faculty members and Scientists at SBS are committed to provide the highest quality of research training to the graduate students and postdoctoral research associates in the cutting edge research topics. SBS has top class instrumentation and other facilities to address challenging research problems in the cross-disciplines of Science and Technology. They are very well funded by a number of extra-mural governmental and industrial project and recognized in the national and international community for their extraordinary research contribution. The faculty members are very good and also committed to teach in integrated BS-MS and integrated MS-Ph.D. program.


Looking for energetic, dynamic, young, motivated and highly qualified Ph. D. candidates for the faculty position in School of Biological Sciences in specific areas including immunology, neurobiology, microbiology, genetics, development and evolution biology, biodiversity ( with special reference to ecology) for high quality teaching and research.

Faculty Members

Regular Faculty Members:

Arindam Banerjee Biological Chemistry
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1504)
Benu Brata Das
91 33 2473 4971 / 3372 (Ext:2108)
Deepak Kumar Sinha
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1106)
Prasanta Kumar Das (Chair of SBS)
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1505)
Prosenjit Sen
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1518)
Ritesh Ranjan Pal
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:2202)
Rupa Mukhopadhyay
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1506)
Siddhartha Sankar Jana
91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1519)