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Name : Subhadeep Datta

Department : School of Physical Sciences
Designation : Associate Professor
Contact : +91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:2141)
Email :


Device Electronics with Nanomaterials @ El Nano

 1 PhD (JRF) position available in the group (click "open position" section from the menu)

Principal Investigator:                                                          

Dr. Subhadeep Datta                                                                                

Associate Professor (2023 -)

School of Physical Sciences

email id:

Phone:+91-33-2473 4971 (ext 2141)

LAB: 116E, Main building, IACS

Office: Room No. C209, Centenary Building, IACS 

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Academic Profile (PI)


Highlights of 2024:

1. Negative Capacitance for Stabilizing the Logic State in a Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor, published in ACS Applied Nano Materials (Forum article). Congratulations Koushik. 

2. Manipulating Spin‐Lattice Coupling in Layered Magnetic Topological Insulator Heterostructure via Interface Engineering, published in Advanced Functional Materials.

Congratulations Sujan and all other collaborators. (Link:


RA-II: Dr. Buddhadeb Pal (Departmental RA)

In-house Facilities

You are welcome to use any in-house facilities. Our lab memebers are ready to help you.

Drop an email with an expression of interest at




Open Positions


Project Students Alumni

Mr. Chayan Patra (MS project), currently JRF@IITB

Dr. Avishek Das (project student) -  currently Post-Doc@Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

Ms. Tamasri Senapati (Intern) - Phd student@Research Freie Universitat Berlin

Mr. Hemanto Karmakar (project student, affiliation: MSC Electronics Science, JU)-

Dr. Bipul Kumar Mahato (RA1) - Magnon dynamics in ferro/antiferromagnets. [e-mail:], PhD - SNBNCBS

Dr. Subrata Ghosh (RA1) - Magnetocaloric Effect -  [e-mail:], PhD - SNBNCBS


  • Congratulations to Mr. Bikash Das for the short term research internship award by the University of Warsaw within a frame of a project “Excellence Initiative – Research University". Local host: dr hab. Jan Suffczyński, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.                                                                                             
  • The Young Achiever Award 2023 (YAA-2023) is presented to Dr. Subhadeep Datta at 67th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium December 20-24, 2023, venue: Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Organized by: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India. Sponsored by: Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India Thanks to the jury members and the organizing committee. Special thanks to Prof. Amlan J Pal. Title of the talk: Magnon-Phonon Coupling in Layered Antiferromagnet.  Poster link: /athusers/modules/texteditor/imagesfiles/DAE poster magnon(1).pdf
  • Distinguished/Young Scientist Award and Medal Lecture at ICLED 2023 (Singapore) by Dr. Subhadeep Datta []
  • AnudeepaGhosh won Travel award (as decided by the organizing committee) for attending 9th BRL School, Atsugi. Japan – NTT-BRL, Atsugi, Japan 2019-20


  • Sujan Maity won Travel award (as decided by the organizing committee) for attending the International Photonics and Optoelectronics Meetings (POEM) at Wuhan, China 2019




Contact Us

You can reach me via email:

You will find me at Lab 116E, IACS, Main Building. 

Group News

  • Congratulations to Mr. Bikash Das for his recent work with Dr. Arnab Biswas and Prof. Nitin Chattopadhyay (Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University)  concerning a memcapacitive gel which has been published in "Advanced Functional Materials". Please feel free to use any facilities in the lab. Do not hesitate to contact PhD students/Post docs. [
  • Congratulations to Mr. Rahul Pramanik for his recent work with Prof. Asim Guchhait's group at P K College, Contai which has been published in "Energy Fuels" . We welcome any expression of interest for collaboration with our group member/s using in-house facilities. [
  • April 19, 2023 - Ms. Anudeepa Ghosh has successfully defended her thesis on "Phonon and Dielectric Properties of Layered Antiferromagnets". Her thesis mainly focusses on the spin-phonon coupling and magnetodielectric effect in two-dimensional vdW antiferromagnets. She has utilized low-temperature Raman scattering and dielectric measurement set-up to record the data. Congratulations Anudeepa!
  • Our first experience with beamline science and technique (spectromicroscopy) - @Elettra - We would like to thank DST for the travel funds, Elettra for the DA. For technical help - Dr Alexey BARINOV (coordinator), Marek KOPCIUSZYNSKI and most importantly, our collaborator - Dr. Sanjoy Kr Mahatha (IUC Indore)
  • Our proposal on "Soil Health Monitoring Device and Remote Data Logger" has been selected for Technology Incubation under MeitY TIDE 2.0 EiR @ IIM Calcutta.  Congratulations to Mainak. We are also thankful to past students (mainly, Avishek and Saikat) who have contributed to the construction of the circuit and modification. We are looking for enthusiastic project students who may work with us for the final prototype. [Link:]
  • Mainak and Sujan have "finally" finalized a recipe for the fabrication of circuits (400 - 500 nm) with nanostructure in EBL. Thanks to Dr. KDM Rao and his group for the continuous support. We also thank the operator (Mr. Manish) of the EBL. 
  • CVT set up for the crystal growth working regularly. We are looking for collaboration for the growth of novel vdW materials. [responsible students: Bikash Das, Sujan Maity]
  • Optical upright microscope (under CSS facility) has been installed recently.


Research Activities

Device fabrication @ EL NANO

 Sujan Maity and Mainak Palit

Bikash Das and Sujan Maity

Rahul Paramanik and Bikash Das


Group 1