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Name : Durga Basak

Department : School of Physical Sciences
Designation : School Chair & Senior Professor
Contact : +91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1316)
Email :


  Electrical transport, opical and optoelectronic properties of wide band gap semiconducting nanostructured oxide, 2-D materials and applications, sulphide thin films, p-n junctions and composites for UV photodetectors,  gas sensor and  resistive switching applications.




Academic Profile


B. Sc., IIT Kharagpur,
M. Sc., IIT Kharagpur,
Ph. D., Jadavpur University,
Senior Research Fellow, CSIR
Post doctorate fellow (1995) UAM, Madrid, Spain
Post doctorate fellow (1996 - 1997) UPM, Madrid, Spain
Visiting scientist (1997- 2000) Tokushima University, Japan
Visiting scientist (2000- 2001): University of South Carolina, USA

Google Scholar citation:

Research experience:

Photolithography, metal and oxide evaporation by e-beam and thermal evaporation system, Reactive ion etching (RIE), PECVD deposition of insulating oxides, Rapid thermal annealing, I-V and Hall measurement, Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), complete Laser and Light emitting device processing of III-V (GaN/InGaN) based semiconductors, RF and DC magnetron sputtering of oxides; Eelctrical transport properties and their devices



Santanu Pal

Doing Ph,D.
Shuvaraj Ghosh

Working as research associate
Amaresh Das

M. Sc
Doing Ph. D
Sulakshana Mondal

Part time Scholar
M. Sc
Doing Ph. D
Sourav Mondal

Doing Ph.D.





For full publication list. please visit google scholar citations with link:


Photophysical investigation of the formation of defect levels in P doped ZnO thin films

S Mondal, D Basak*, Ceramic International, In press (2022)


Interplay of defects in low energy nitrogen implanted ZnO nanorods

A Das, D Basak*, Applied Surface Science 564, 150424 (2021)


Augmented performance towards ultraviolet and visible dual-band photodetection by polyvinyl butyral coated SnO2 nanorod array film

AD Mahapatra, D Basak*, Surfaces and Interfaces 26, 101342 (2021)


Biodegradable Filter Paper Based Broad-Band Photodetection by Chemical Bath Deposited SnS2 2D-Nanosheet Array Film

A Das Mahapatra, D Basak*, ACS Applied Electronic Materials 3 (5), 2114-2122 (2021)


Correlation between Hall Mobility and Optical Mobility in Aluminium Doped ZnO Films via Boundary Scatterings and Estimation of Donor Compensation Ratio

S Ghosh, D Basak* Physica Status Solidi (b) 257 (5), 1900682 (2020)


High conductivity along with high visible light transparency in Al implanted sol-gel ZnO thin film with an elevated figure of merit value as a transparent conducting layer

A Das, G Das, D Kabiraj, D Basak* Journal of Alloys and Compounds 835, 155221 (2020) 

High figure of merit p-type transparent conducting thin film based on solution processed CuS-ZnS nanocomposite, A Mallick, S Chattopadhyay, G De, D Basak*, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 770, 813-822 (2019)
A novel blanket annealing process to achieve highly transparent and conducting Al doped ZnO thin films: Its mechanism and application in perovskite solar cells, S Ghosh, A Mallick, B Dou, MFAM van Hest, SM Garner, D Basak*, Solar Energy 174, 815-825 (2018)
Revisiting the electrical and optical transmission properties of co-doped ZnO thin films as n-type TCOs, A Mallick, D Basak*, Progress in Materials Science, 96, 86 (2018)
Self-powered highly enhanced broad wavelength (UV to visible) photoresponse of ZnO@ZnO1-xSx@ZnS core-shell heterostructures, Sanjit Sarkar, Ayon Das Mahapatra and Durga Basak*, Journal of Colloid and Interfaces, 523, 245 (2018)
Very High Photoresponse towards Low-Powered UV Light under Low-Biased Condition by Nanocrystal Assembled TiO2 Film, S. Mondal, D Basak*, Applied Surface Science 427, 814 (2018)
Toward Understanding the Role of VZn Defect on the Photoconductivity of Surface-Passivated ZnO NRs, D Sett, D Basak*, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (44), 24495 (2017
High performance flexible perovskite solar cells on ultra-thin glass. Implications of the TCO, Benjia Dou, Elisa M Miller, Jeffrey A Christians, Erin M Sanehira, Talysa R Klein, Frank S Barnes, Sean E Shaheen, Sean M Garner, Shuvaraj Ghosh, Arindam Mallick, Durga Basak, Maikel FAM van Hest, Sean M Garner, Shuvaraj Ghosh, Arindam Mallick, Durga Basak, Maikel FAM van Hest, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (19), 4960, 1 (2017)
Comparative investigation on cation-cation (Al-Sn) and cation-anion (Al-F) co-doping in RF sputtered ZnO thin films: Mechanistic insight, A Mallick, D Basak*, Applied Surface Science 410, 540-546 (2017)
TiO2 Nanoparticles Incorporated Peptide Appended Perylene Bisimide-Based Nanohybrid System: Enhancement of Photo-Switching Behavior, S Roy, K Basu, K Gayen, S Panigrahi, S Mondal, D Basak, A Banerjee, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (9), 5428-5435 (2017)
A simple process step for tuning the optical emission and ultraviolet photosensing properties of sol-gel ZnO film, Shuvaraj Ghosh and Durga Basak*, RSC Advances 7 (2), 694 (2017)
Highly enhanced H 2 gas sensing characteristics of Co: ZnO nanorods and its mechanism, D Sett, D Basak*, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 243, 475-483 (2016)
Sb2S3/Spiro-OMeTAD Inorganic-Organic Hybrid pn Junction Diode for High Performance Self-powered Photo-detector, A Bera, A Das Mahapatra, S Mondal, D Basak*, ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (50), 34506-34512 (2016)
Core-double shell ZnO/ZnS@ Co 3 O 4 heterostructure as high performance pseudocapacitor, S Sarkar, S Maiti, S Mahanty, D Basak*, Dalton Transactions 45 (22), 9103-9112 (2016)
Self Powered Highly Enhanced Dual Wavelength ZnO@ CdS Core–Shell Nanorod Arrays Photodetector: An Intelligent Pair, S Sarkar, D Basak*, ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (30), 16322-16329 (2015)  




  • Solution-based thin film deposition systems
  • RF and DC magnetron sputtering
  • Thermal evaporation system
  • PL set-up
  • Photoconductivity set-up
  • Hall measurement system
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometer


Open Positions

Motivated  and dedicated CSIR NET qualified students may apply for Ph. D  work in my laboratory.



  • Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, FNASc, 2021. 
  • Advisory Editorial Board Member of ACS Applied Electronic Materials
  • Associate Editor of Indian Journal of Physics
  • Served as Editorial broad member for  Heliyon
  • Awarded ‘TWAS-TWOS-Scopus-Elsevier Young Women Research Scientist Award’ as first runner-up in the Engineering and Technology category in Nov, 2009.
  • Awarded MRSI Medal, 2018
  • Awarded Fulbright-Nehru Post-doc fellowship, 2013 (could not avail)
  • Awarded one of the best posters award in  ICMAT, MRS-S, 2017
  • Awarded  Fast Track Young Scientist, DST for research funding
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellow, CSIR
  • Research paper, Nanotechnology 20, 475602 (2009) by M. Dutta and D. Basak has been highlighted in ‘Nature India’, a sister concern of ‘Nature’. The Url is :
  • Awarded one of the best posters award in  56th Symposium on DAE Solid State Physics, 2011
  • Research paper, APL 103, 041112 (2013) by S. Sarkar and D. Basak has been highlighted in ‘Nature India’, a sister concern of ‘Nature’. doi:10.1038/nindia.2013.110; Published online 21 August 2013
  • Reviewer of ACS Petroleum Research Fund proposal, USA, 2010
  • Reviewer of AIP, ACS, IOP, WILEY, ELSEVIER, SPRINGER, RSC  journals


Contact Us

Dr. (Mrs.) Durga Basak          

Senior Professor

Department of Solid State Physics

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Jadavpur, Kolkata-700032

Ph (O): 91-33-24734971 ext 1316; Fax: 91-33-24732805



For detailed publications: