Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Name : Deb Shankar Ray

Department : School of Chemical Sciences
Designation : Senior Professor
Contact : +91 33 2473 4971 (Ext:1455)
Email :


Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics and Spectroscopy

  • Time-resolved spectroscopy and radiationless transitions
  • Optical phenomena in intense fields
  • Micromasers and cavity QED
  • Dissipation in quantum optics and spectroscopy

Nonlinear dynamics, Chemical dynamics and Stochastic processes

  • Chaos and statistical mechanics
  • Quantum Brownian motion in bosonic bath and spin bath and applications to rate theory
  • Entropic Transport
  • Nonlinear dynamics of glycolysis and model biological systems
  • Self-organization in spatially extended systems

Since the seminal work of Turing in early fifties, diffusion-driven instability leading to pattern formation has been a new discipline at the crossroads of physics, chemistry and biology. Attempts have been made to understand the role of noise, electric and magnetic fields and delay in inducing instability in reaction-diffusion systems resulting in wave propagation, formation of spirals and patterns in chemical and model biological systems, under far from equilibrium conditions. Several schemes beyond linear analysis have been explored for understanding the nature of noise induced instability leading to pattern formation, the crossover of patterns and reaction-induced instability.

Selected Notes

Academic profile

Position held:

  • IACS 2005 - Senior Professor
  • IACS 2002 - 2005 Professor & Head
  • IACS 1997 - 2005 Professor
  • IACS 1991 - 1997 Reader
  • IACS 1986 - 1991 Senior Lecturer
  • Jadavpur University 1984-1986 Lecturer

Hon. Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Calcutta University
Hon. Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Vidyasagar University
Dean(Acad.) at IACS March, 2009 - November, 2010

Selected Presentations

  1. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray; His time; His students and Science

Presented at Calcutta University, Kolkata.

  2. Chemical Waves

Presented at Belur Vidya Mandira, Howrah.

  3. Chemical oscillations

Presented at Silchar Gurucharan College, Assam.

  4. Dissipation in quantum optics

Presented at Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata.

  5. Rate theory of chemical reaction; its evolution over a century

Presented at Bethun College, Kolkata.

  6. Post-Periodic-table Development of Chemical Principles

Presented at Moulana Azad College, Kolkata.


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