J.C. Bose Memorial Lecture 2017


Speaker : Professor Todd Martinez
Stanford University
Topic : “Discovering Chemistry With Advanced Computing and Machine Learning”
Date : Tuesday, 07th February, 2017
Time : 11:30 AM
Venue : C.V. Raman hall, IACS


Abstract : 

 Novel computational architectures and methodologies are revolutionizing diverse areas ranging from video gaming to advertising and espionage. In this talk, I will discuss how these tools and ideas can be exploited in the context of theoretical and computational chemistry. I will discuss how insights gleaned from recommendation systems (such as those used by Netflix and Amazon) can lead to reduced scaling methods for electronic structure[1] (solving the electronic Schrodinger equation to describe molecules) and how the algorithms in electronic structure can be adapted for commodity stream processing architectures such as graphical processing units.[2] I will show how these advances can be harnessed to progress from traditional “hypothesis-driven” methods for using electronic structure and first principles molecular dynamics to a “discovery-driven” mode where the computer is tasked with discovering chemical reaction networks.[3] Finally, I will show how these can be combined with force-feedback (haptic) input devices and three-dimensional visualization to create molecular model kits that carry complete information about the underlying electrons. This interactive first principles molecular dynamics method (molecular computer-aided design or mCAD) opens the door to novel ways of teaching chemistry and may also be of use in applied chemical research.[4]

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                 All are cordially invited to attend